Date 2024-07-12


Rade Brodic
Supervisor - Viking Division

I have now used rhinoCRM since 2007. Whithout rhinoCRM We wouldn´t have been where we are today. rhinoCRM help me to have control of ALL my customers and my organisations whereabouts.

BMIB - 302 Sales

Johan Strömberg
FD - Viking Division

I started to use rhinoCRM already as a dealer and then later on as DT. We are using rhinoCall so we are able to call from whereever. The telesales can work from both office and home which is great.

Having rhinoCRM has brought the following to my business:

  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • E-mail is sent out to all sales persons containing booked appointments
  • Overview of both booking dpt and sales dpt (statitics)
  • Reporting tool for the controller
  • Modern working tool for the booking dpt
  • It serves as a basis for salaries

BMIB - 108 Sales

Peter Andersson
CEO rhinoCRM

I have been with the Business since 1996. All my experiences and knowledge is used when we develop rhinoCRM. All this to deliver a true customized salestool for your organisation. I hope you find rhinoCRM helpful in your business. Don´t hesitate to contact me you have any questions.
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BMIB - 132 Sales